Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Freedom Place: Did You Get Your Fear Shot?

A Freedom Place: Did You Get Your Fear Shot?: Oh the Betrayal. “Go take this piece of paper through those double doors,” my mother quietly ordered in a tone of grave responsibility...

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Strings detached

Spring brought a rich uninterrupted carpet of garden thyme to my doorstep, but what caused the vaguely rectangular hole? Well, I know, but I'd rather muse about some mysterious occurrence an unexplained core sampling of the herb bed by unseen mischievous "doers."
I pondered this off and on over the summer and now it's October. All that pondering is beginning to produce results.
Here is the first.

Location:Muse Scenic Studio

A Freedom Place: "The Perilousness of Positive Thinking"

Another worthy post from a high school friend...

A Freedom Place: "The Perilousness of Positive Thinking": Is optimism a new form of social control? Barbara Ehrenreich  thinks so. This isn't a new video but its still pertinent and worth a view. ...

Sunday, August 19, 2012

"Coming Soon" is now showing at Delurk Gallery

Coming Soon - on display now through Sept 1st @ Delurk

This Month's Installation is set to evolve all month with participating artists Dane Walters, Molly Grace Simpson, Jennifer O'Kelly, and Patrick O'Kelly stopping in at random to develop the environment.

The Exhibit is located @ 207W 6th Street and is open Tuesday-Saturday 11-6. 
A special screening and artist event is planned for Monday, August 27, 7-9pm.  Space will be limited so be sure to come early for conversation with the artists.

The Entire Install is titled: "Coming Soon" and foreshadows a larger more elaborate installation set for the month of February 2013.

Live performers to include the film troupe from the first cut and special guests.

Film Credits:
Conspiring Carnies Productions presents:
"Traveling Attraction"
Film Concept: Dane Walters
Production Design: Jennifer Wynn O'Kelly
Director of Photography: Jerry Cooper
Set Dressing: Jennifer O'Kelly, Dane Walters, Patrick O'Kelly
Gadget Development: Patrick O'Kelly
Improv Troupe: Molly Grace Simpson, Jennifer O'Kelly, Dane Walters, Keava O'Kelly

Fun had by: All

I'll post my musings about this later this week. I'm still thinking about it... :-)

To see more of what is happening check out: 

Monday, August 13, 2012

A Freedom Place: Take That Ass of Yours and Butt In

A Freedom Place: Take That Ass of Yours and Butt In: "You're standing on the yellow liiiiiine. .." sweetly sang the 30-something mother to her son as if he'd forgotten to say thank you to the i...

Friday, May 4, 2012

A Freedom Place: Stop Yankin' My Chain!

I know, This is someone else's blog, but I'm glad she'd blogging and it's worth a read... :-)

A Freedom Place: Stop Yankin' My Chain!: Letting go. Doesn't anyone have trouble with this? I'm sure my readers have no issue with attachment. In fact you're probably sitting on the...

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Rest and reflection

I hope to begin regular entries in the weeks ahead.

This is to be the first post connecting this blog to my Instagram feed. If you are interested in the instamatic effect of smart phones on our visual dialogue, perhaps you will download Instagram and add to the visual stream.


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